Engagement at any stage.

From concept to market we offer expertise, passion,
and general moxie-for-hire™ when and where you need it most.
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Technology Consulting

Having written a few million lines into the matrix, we know a bit about technology. We'd love to help your business discover their potential in the midst of all of the technology and software choices out there. Even it doesn't mean writing a brand new platform from scratch, we'd love to be apart of your success story.

Product Engineering

We eat, sleep, drink, and dream in code. No this is not the matrix, we promise. Whether its building the next great iOS pet fish tracker, a machine-learning IoT platform bent on world assimilation, or anything in-between, we are prepared to take that giant leap and join your mission to save the universe one small app at a time.

Research & Development

We have spent the better part of the past three decades launching technology dreams to into reality. But making dreams come true takes a lot more than just code and frozen burritos. Great products require rigorous conceptualization, design, engineering, testing, marketing, and support. We'll bring the nerds, you bring the burritos.

Solutions at any scale.

Whether you are just getting started or embarking on a
continuing mission, we're ready to boldly go along for the ride.
Blast off!

To boldly go...

We have be been doing startups since the last millennium, through booms, recessions, and even pandemics. So we get the challenges of bringing brilliant ideas to life with limited resource and the sense of urgency necessary to get them off the ground. Our team can help you formulate your technical business plan, identify key marketing and brand strategies, develop inventor proposals, and even build your prototype.

One small step...

To us, your small business is a big deal. Nobody knows your services, market, or clients better than you. When it comes to getting the most out technology, we have got your back. Model Rocket has helped small business develop custom software and technology processes to fit their ever growing needs to manage and secure customer data, service workflows, and of course invoicing and accounting. We operate within your budget to ensuring every business owner can afford a to say "we have the app for that"!

No, not that Enterprise...

We have operated intimately within the Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 sectors. When developing a new feature that needs to be out the door yesterday, Model Rocket provides the agility of a startup to established technology businesses. Let us help you take your greatest ideas off the shelf and accelerate them into the market.

Not a software company? We understand the importance of having expert technologists available through the critical phases of all business operations. Model Rocket can help you develop new software tools and practices, or even build on top of existing platforms to help your company break through all of that one-size-fits-all madness.

Experience across the Universe.

Whether you are just getting started or embarking on a
continuing mission, we're ready to ride along to the end and back.