Validated learning from customers is critical to your products success. Getting the product into your customers hands, learning from the data and feedback you glean, and finally iterating on that feedback efficiently is only way to achieve the product's potential.

Test early, test often.

At Model Rocket we believe that testing, documentation, and training are all integral to the research and development process. Throughout the prototype process we will ensure that documentation is always up to date and that user training is always a priority consideration. 

Services offered at this stage

Testing is difficult. We have experience building test infrastructure that can ensure your entire road map from advanced prototype through every new release is secure, stable, and efficient.

We can help you with:

  • Continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD)
  • Unit test harness development
  • Load and scalability testing
  • Black Box testing
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Compliance testing

Understanding and adapting to user needs is critical. Having effective training and user guides for your product that fit the audience is essential to having a product that customers enjoy using. Model Rocket can help you build a training and documentation platform that ensure the quality of the product extends beyond just function.

Our team can help you with:

  • Technical training manuals
  • Training videos and presentations
  • Usability research documentation
  • User feedback analysis

When investors are involved, or wish to become involved in an early stage product, they will more than likely send a due diligence team. Your Model Rocket team has experience preparing the documentation, evidence, and demonstrations that will support value your product offers the market.

Model Rocket has expertise with:

  • Technical investor documents
  • Due diligence consultation and support
  • Due diligence demonstrations
  • Integration consultation
  • Intellectual property documentation and research

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