We believe you haven't had your best idea yet. Using the design language built during the previous stage, we will build an advanced prototype that not only captures the essence of your vision but is also market ready.

Your clients need more than proof.

The terms prototype and proof-of-concept are not necessarily synonymous. But they both tend to illicit the same response in people. Nobody wants to put their business or lives on the line for a glorified beta. Software is organic, living, and is never really “finished”. At Model Rocket we understand that you don’t have the time or resources to go through infinite iterations of pre-releases. We define a “prototype” as a 1.0 market ready milestone. It is our assertion that getting a stable app or platform to market faster and into the hands of your users will be far beneficial to your clients and equitable to you.

Services offered at this stage

We provide our R&D clients the full gamut of Product Engineering resources available. But, earlier stage or intrapreneur clients we also offer these additional engagements in greater depth.

The CTO office, lead by a Chief Technology Officer traditionally oversees: engineering directors and managers, staff engineers, test and automation engineers, and a technical documentation team. The CTO is ultimately resposible for developing and executing an organization's technology vision.

A vCTO is essentially all of these resources provided as a service at a tremendous cost savings to clients. The Model Rocket vCTO team operates as a partner and direct extension of your organization without the liability of resource management allowing your team to stay agile and within their core competencies.

Every Model Rocket client is assigned a vCTO from our team that is experienced in taking products and startups to market.

Our core R&D engineers have worked in all layers of systems engineering, from the silicon to the kernel to the browser and back. Building 1.0 is mission critical and requires only the most experience and resourceful engineers to achieve success in minimal time.

With Model Rocket your business has access to more than just software developers, but a collective of expert-level technologists who have:

  • Decades of product development experience
  • Completed multiple startup acquisitions and mergers
  • A proven concept to market strategy
  • Passion and commitment to seeing disruptive ideas become reality

By utilizing our platform and area expertise we are able to accelerate time-to-market exponentially for most clients.

The key to our success is a set of core platform technologies that Model Rocket provides clients on which we architect and build applications. These components represent common foundational components that every application requires. They allow Model Rocket to rapidly build highly scalable and market ready products and focus on developing your valuable intellectual property. 

These include:

  • Authentication and User Management
  • Messaging and Communications Infrastructures
  • Document and Workflow Management
  • Device and Inventory Control
  • Trade and Transaction Management


Most importantly, our platform is cloud native which allows our clients to run in virtually any environment including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM BlueMix or any Docker or Kubernetes based stack.

Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.