Technology Consulting

We have found that every business from the smallest to the largest of enterprises are faced with many the same technology challenges. Where they're challenged with finding the right technology to fit the task at hand or dealing with the pains of legacy process, we've been there. It has always been part of our core purpose to help every business owner succeed at achieving their vision of success.

We're on your team

Businesses today live and thrive on software and technology at their core. But technology is something most take for granted until it doesn’t work or is no longer capable of meeting the needs of a growing and evolving business. We recognize that not every business or task requires a brand new platform to be developed. We recognize that not every problem requires a brand new expensive software platform. But, as software experts, our team can still provide tremendous value in helping you define or refine your software and technology strategy.  

The right tools for the job. 

Your are the subject matter expert, but you may not have a clue about the software necessary or available to run your business. At Model Rocket, having built hundreds of products and written millions of lines of code, we know how to do the research and due diligence to ensure you get the right tools for the job. Not only that, but we can support you through this process and into the future at level that a traditional IT team cannot. We can help you identity, setup, and support both on-premise and cloud solutions like:

  • CRM / ERM
  • Inventory Management
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Messaging
  • Databases (MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.)

Adapt at the speed of business.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping a solution running. Unfortunately, as many small business owners eventually find, the big software companies they use don't beckon to their every whim. Sometimes features break, or go away completely. Fortunately these days, many of these solutions offer means for building customizations that allow customers to adapt them to their business needs. Model Rocket can help your business build custom solutions on top of tools like:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Stripe based e-commerce products
  • Shopify
  • Square
  • WordPress
  • Planning Center Online

When it's time for a change.

There is nothing like trying to run a 21st century business on 20th century software. Small businesses running legacy tools are struggling to find employees that even remember what a VCR is, let alone using a keyboard for everything. The greatest fear however of being chained to legacy software, other than being left behind, is what happens when it breaks? Model Rocket can help you migrate your old legacy software and get your business running into the future. We can also help you take desktop or server based apps and migrate them securely to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.