Our Story

Growing up, co-founder Rob Rodriguez would spend weeks designing and perfecting model rockets, working tirelessly on every single detail leading up to the exciting moment when it was time to hit the launch button. Everyone loves it when rockets take off, but none more so than the people who have invested the time and energy into building them. In 2015 we assembled a crew and began our mission to create an "un-startup" that would offer this technology passion to everyone.

Our Vision

We’ve built a multitude of successful products over the years and know not only how rewarding that process is, but also how to achieve success more efficiently, effectively, and consistently. At Model Rocket, we capture the enthusiasm and energy of a startup and pair that with the experience and structure of veteran teams, allowing our clients to avoid the hassle and cost of building and managing engineering and marketing teams of their own.

Our Mission

To bring great ideas to life by dramatically reducing the time, effort, and cost of bringing products from inception to market. Having been involved with multiple startups with successful exits, we understand how hard it is to succeed and we know what it takes to get there. But we also know how rewarding it is to see a great idea become a great product and thrive in the marketplace—that’s what drives our work every day.

Our Approach

We have established a simple, proven, time-tested approach to executing your vision. We’ve distilled decades of experience in software engineering, product development, sales, and brand and marketing strategy into a process that we know delivers consistent results.

Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.