Product Engineering

We love helping our clients build great products and we strive to be the most efficient and effective component of your technology strategy. Understanding that great engineering is much more than just great code, we've identified three critical characteristics of successful teams and companies. These are key to how we can bring you the results you need when you need them.

Beyond the Code

Product Engineering goes beyond just code. It involves all of the processes and tools get a product running and keep it moving. This includes deployment of fixes and updates, backups, and the careful watch of every intricate component. Every product must be built on an infrastructure that is stable, scalable, and cost-effective. This infrastructure could be cloud based, on-premise or both. Model Rocket builds every project as a cloud-native container designed to run anywhere. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that allow projects to also seamlessly and even simultaneously run in common micro-service systems like AWS Lambda or Google Compute and transition back and forth without any code changes. Our team will monitor, maintain, and ensure the product is always available and running like a well oiled-machine.

The Keys to Success

Focus on the Job to be Done

Regardless of how big or small your company is, your products are "hired" to do a job for your customers. In order to stand out from the competition, it has to do its job better than anyone else. The first step when developing any product is to understand what what we are building. When your customer seeks out your product, it is critical to understand the job they to be done and how will it help them accomplish it. Most importantly we need to know what experiences the customer needs and expects? Our team will step you through our product development approach and apply our decades of experience to launch your product into orbit.

Read more about Jobs to be Done

Always Bring your 'A' Game

Nobody understands your customers better than you, which is why you are so passionate about what you do and what drives you to bring better products and services to them. At Model Rocket we like to say we "power passion". As your technology team we are always all-in for you and your success. Together was can develop the game winning strategy that captures what is most important to your users.

Never Stop Innovating

You haven't had your best idea yet. Ideas are always a work in progress and products are simply a snapshots in time of an entrepreneurial vision. Taking something from concept to reality is difficult. Whether its building a new platform from the ground up or taking an existing product to a new market, our engineering team is ready to take it to the next-level. With Model Rocket you gain access to decades of experience thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to solve old problems.

We are here to help wherever you need it.

Building great apps takes more than just code.

First and foremost, Model Rocket is a software company. From soup to nuts, we have experience in every part of the software stack. Whether you need help building an IoT device prototype, a clinical trial management tool, or a custom WordPress plugin, we’ve got it covered. With over 100 years combined experience, there is little our senior technical staff has not seen from aerospace to gaming.

  • Embedded systems
  • Windows and Linux kernel development
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Cross platform applications
  • API development
  • Custom integrations (i.e. Stripe, Slack, WordPress)
  • Back-end and platform architecture
Software Development Expertise

At Model Rocket we have mastered the art and science of platform architecture. Every application need a secure, stable, and flexible interface for for managing everything from users to devices. We have build tools that allow us to write once, run anywhere using open standards like Docker and Kubernetes. More importantly always build to scale to the same code can be deployed to stateless services like AWS Lambda or even to on-premise enterprise hardware. 

Our experience can help you build:

  • Rest/Graphql APIs
  • Swagger / OpenAPI platforms
  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Cloud Native platform migrations
  • Scalability and security planning
  • Government compliance like HIPAA or FIPS
Platform Partners

Data is your most valuable asset. For many businesses the challenges is two-fold, how do you best represent your data to your clients, and how can you utilize it to exceed their expectations. Science doesn’t stop at the database, it flows all the way to the end user themselves. Model Rocket has deep experience in building concise data models, intuitive user interfaces, and powerful machine learning systems. We have built time-series platforms with scalability to millions of IoT devices. 


We can help you with:

  • Data modeling and analysis
  • Date lake creation and processing
  • Time-series data platforms (i.e. TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, etc)
  • Machine learning platforms (i.e TensorFlow, Keras, AWS SageMaker)
  • Data layering and caching (i.e. Redis, ElasticCache)

Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.