Powering Passion

Model rockets are powered by small solid fuel “engines” that have just enough power to get the little bits of balsa wood and plastic off the ground. Every hobbyist knows these engines burn out fast and they will go to great lengths to make their flight last just a bit longer. Through ingenuity, creativity, and passion, even the smallest rockets can achieve great heights. The unfortunate reality is many technology teams and start-ups run on limited resources, they impress at first but run out of fuel quickly because they are unable to escape the gravity of their own inexperience. Our goal is to engage at every stage of the life of the product to get it off the ground and into steady and lasting orbit. We provide each of our clients with an expert dedicated team fueled by our clients passion and desire to change the world one cool idea at a time. We accomplish this by engaging in three critical stages of every product.

Research & Development

Ideas are always a work in progress. Products are simply snapshots in time of an entrepreneurial vision. Taking something from concept to reality is difficult. Our team begins from the ground up designing a custom architecture for your product and applications that are extensible and future-ready. Our process is simple, we gather the requirements, mockup any necessary UI/UX and start coding. We build everything to be modular and turn-key from the APIs to the interfaces so that should changes need to made in a split second no momentum is ever lost. Our experience and wide array of ready built platform components allow us to hit the ground running and accelerate time to market.

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Product Engineering

Product Engineering goes beyond just code. It involves all of the processes and tools get a product running and keep it moving. This includes deployment of fixes and updates, backups, and the careful watch of every intricate component. Every product must be built on an infrastructure that is stable, scalable, and cost-effective. This infrastructure could be cloud based, on-premise or both. Model Rocket builds every project as a cloud-native container designed to run anywhere. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that allow projects to also seamlessly and even simultaneously run in common micro-service systems like AWS Lambda or Google Compute and transition back and forth without any code changes. Our team will monitor, maintain, and ensure the product is always available and running like a well oiled-machine.

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Brand Strategy

Getting something built and getting something sold are two very different things. In our experience the “if you build it they will come” dream is more of a fairytale. Brand and market awareness is a process that must flow through the entire product development cycle. Fortunately our agile engineering process allows us to adapt quickly to changes in the landscape. Once the refined product is ready for market, we build a strategy that encompasses every avenue of engagement with your future customers. More specifically our team can help you develop web marketing and sales strategies to ensure your product is highly visible and readily accessible.

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Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.