Broadcast & Media

When it comes to building custom content management solutions for broadcast and media services, you may not make the direct connection to Model Rocket. But, we have built many scalable and secure document and delivery solutions that provide our clients with complete control of their content and subscriber workflows.

More than just an audience

Creators often find themselves at the whim of huge online platforms, rigid subscriber management systems, and over taxing paywalls. Most creators however never think of building something for themselves, and if they do, it seems like a dream that could never truly afford. Only you know your audience and providing them with not only the best content, but also the best experience is critical to solidifying your relationship.  Model Rocket is dedicated to help content creators and publishers attain reach these invaluable goals.

Case Studies

The Problem

A close friend and colleague of Model Rocket, who happens to be a prolific technology writer  and podcaster found himself in buried in technological deficiency.  In order provide his readers and listener with the best experience, he had to use several disparate services, from member management to media stream, that never seemed to perform to his expectations or needs. There were two options, forever chase the every varying service out there, or build the perfect solution. Understanding that excellence cannot stand on the shoulders of mediocrity, he chose the latter.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to build a platform that could provide secure access to content, without requiring the subscribers to jump through hoops, use special software, or even perceive the necessary changes. Furthermore, we needed the solution to take into account that his primary publishing tool that could not change, WordPress.

The Solution

For the back-end we built a stateless feed management and authorization system that leveraged Amazon Web Services Lambda, S3, and CloudFront. This offered a reasonable  cost balanced with nearly infinite scalability. This platform provide a full API for managing podcast series, episodes, and subscriptions. It also allowed for the generation of unique member feeds to be generated and customized on the fly.

In order allow his current publishing workflow to remain unaffected, we built a custom react-js interface, hosted in a PHP based WordPress plugin.

The Problem

Model Rocket was approached by a client seeking to build a publishing platform that would allow them to use Machine Learning to build dynamic content. 

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