Research & Development

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 100 enterprise, new products or features have to go through the same gauntlet of validation to determine feasibility, viability, and ultimately profitability. Model Rocket team members have been not only been through this process with many startups, but also with large technology companies like Citrix, Cisco, and Dell.

Your best idea is yet to come...

Ideas are always a work in progress. Products are simply snapshots in time of an entrepreneurial vision. Taking something from concept to reality is difficult. Our team begins from the ground up designing a custom architecture for your product and applications that are extensible and future-ready. Our process is simple, we gather the requirements, mockup any necessary UI/UX and start coding. We build everything to be modular and turn-key from the APIs to the interfaces so that should changes need to made in a split second no momentum is ever lost. Our experience and wide array of ready built platform components allow us to hit the ground running and accelerate time to market.

Over the years we have identified the three critical stages of the R&D cycle. Click on the stages to learn more.

The Stages of Innovation

Let us bring your ideas to life.

You know what you’re trying to accomplish – our job is to understand your vision, mission, and passion. Then we figure out how to turn that into a successful product, using whatever technology exists...or building and innovating new technology that exists only in your dreams.

If we build it they will come...

Some developers treat prototypes like a portmanteau (a fancy French word) of proto+hype. At Model Rocket, every prototype we build is a fully functional deliverable. While this means the effort goes well beyond the traditional proof-of-concept model, it also means that when its time to turn it up to 11, you can hit the ground running. Whether this means launching to market or seeking investments, we have you covered.

Attention to every detail.

After we have built a working prototype, its necessary to ensure that it actually "works" and keeps moving forward. Validation and due diligence are two sides of the same coin. At Model Rocket we have both covered. Our crack team of quality assurance engineers can break just about anything, even our code and ensure your product is the most solid on the market. On the other hand, our technical product experts will provide you with every detail and document every component so your team has what it needs to move to the next level, seek out venture capital, or simply start selling to the masses.

Ready to launch?

Bring us your dreams and we will take them into orbit together.